Dress shirts

Dress shirts are key in a formal men's look, however choosing a men's dress shirt can be more complicated than it looks.

A formal shirt will help you make a good impression and is the perfect garment for job interviews, meetings, ceremonies or social events. Without a doubt a quality dress shirt makes all the difference.

White is the preferred color among businessmen; Light gray or light blue are also safe colors you can choose from. Pink and purple are relatively popular. Smooth colors are basic in any wardrobe, because they are the easiest to combine, but you can also choose rayas subtle or micro prints discreet and elegant.

How to choose men's dress shirts?

The neck can be the standard classic or another more open and youthful, the latter allows the tie knot to be wider and more visible.

A dress shirt can have a slim fit or Slim Fit, perfect for a more modern look. Non-fitting shirts, on the other hand, are looser and more comfortable.

Cotton is the most suitable and common fabric for making shirts, but silk or linen is also used on suit shirts. Depending on the fabric, the feel and appearance of the shirt will vary. Make sure your shirt is 100% cotton checking the label.

Choose your suit shirt the right size. If you try it on, flex your arm while you're straight. The sleeves should be long enough that the cuffs don't show your wrist when you bend your arm.

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